About The Keefer Family

Terry and Kristi met in the summer of 1996 and soon developed a friendship that would lead them down a path they never could have dreamed. Terry and Kristi were engaged on Christmas Eve of 2001 and would marry June 7, 2003. Both, very involved in their careers, were not eager to start a family. Then in late November 2004 they found out they were expecting their first child. After adjusting to the idea of a family they experienced their first of many terrifying medical encounters. At 6 weeks early, they discovered the daughter they were expecting was not breathing or moving and they were admitted immediately to Lawrence Memorial Hospital.

On July 1, 2005 they gave birth to a beautiful baby girl they would name Raelynn Audrey, a name taken from her parent’s middle names and her paternal great grandmother. Aside from some minor problems, after not knowing whether their baby would be delivered alive or not, they were blessed with a completely healthy and beautiful baby girl. A few years later they would again be surprised with news that they were again expecting. This pregnancy would take them places they never could have dreamed. In taking precautions with this pregnancy to avoid the type of scares they had in the last, they were given a Level 2 sonogram to get a thorough look at their baby. At 4 months pregnant, and several sonograms later, they learned their small baby boy would be born with multiple heart defects. The Keefer’s were blessed again with the birth of their son, Cooper William, on November 28, 2007. Being the only boy on both sides of the family, this little boy took on his mother’s maiden name and a family name from his father. Their journey through the fears and the joys of Cooper’s condition and the general love and laughter of a family is what this website is all about.

Keefer Family