Brianne's Story

Our daughter is 28 months. And when she was born we thought she was a healthy little girl. But 4 months later we had to life flight her down to children's mercy because she had a gagging reflux so bad that her oxygen level would go down. So they played around with all kinds of meds.did a MRI, a CAT SCAN, then they discovered she had a heart murmur then to take care of the gagging they thought just putting a g-tube in would take care of the problem and keep her food down. Well it didn't. So when they ran a test on her heart they found she had 2 holes in her heart. So we discussed that procedure and they said they wanted her to get a little bigger before they fixed the holes because the holes were not that big to worry about. So when she was 9 months old she weighed 13lbs and they said let's go in a fix them.

So everything went real well with that except the holes were bigger then what they thought they were. But the good news is that the minute she came out of surgery the gagging had completely stopped. So the moral of this story is instead of having docs run all kinds of tests on your baby and making you stay there for a whole month not knowing anything have them check the heart. But she is doing great now and doing physical therapy.

Brianne Kellerman