Claire's Story

On the 4th May 1989 my daughter Claire was born in Port Elizabeth with Asplenia syndrome - I was told she would not survive - today after 3 open heart operations, one of which was the fontane by Prof Kingsley and months in and out of hospital with arithmia and infections, I am thrilled to say she is 26 years old - she is married and hoping to start a family which we have told is a very big risk with her condition. To all the parents out there with these precious children, we never know from one day to the next if they will live, make it to tomorrow - I know how hard it is to let them go and live life normally but if I look at my darling daughter I know that it is possible. If anyone parents would like to chat to Claire or myself please drop us an email. After all she has gone through Claire wants to make a difference to all the children who have been born with a heart condition.

Dominique Parmee