Corah's Story

My husband and I went to our routine OB appointment in May 2010. An ultrasound was done to check the development of the baby and hopefully determine the gender. We were told that they could not see all four chambers of the heart. Subsequently we were sent to a perinatal doctor who diagnosed Corah with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. Doctors provided us several websites that provided reliable information. But never having heard anything about congenital heart defects, much less her specific defect, it took us a few days to fully grasp the reality of the situation. The facts were so overwhelming that every time we discussed telling our family we broke down emotionally to the point that we could not physically make a sentence.

After taking time to process everything, we were finally able to gather ourselves and explain what we knew. Our family and church immediately sprang into action. Our family took turns caring for our other three children while we had to be away. My husband's mom did all research on the web and making phone calls about outcome data for her particular surgery. Our church prayed for us and for Corah, set up benefit dinners, took care of children, opened a savings account for people to donate toward her medical expenses, mowed our yard, and provided meals for our family. They walked this journey with us the best way they know how, on their knees before our mighty God.

In June we connected with Kathy Carberry of Texas Children's Hospital (TCH). She was the only person who was able to effectively answer all our questions regarding the surgeries Corah was going to undergo. She went well beyond her job description and befriended our family. We made the decision to travel to Houston for testing in July. Because of this great experience we decided to have Corah's surgeries performed at TCH, and now only had to wait for her to come. The time seemed to go so quickly as we waited.

After our son's first day of kindergarten and our daughter's second birthday, we kissed our 3 children and headed to Houston 3 weeks before she was due. We were so blessed to be able to leave the kids with Andy's mother. Corah was born September 8, 2010 and immediately taken to the NICU. She stayed there until her first open heart surgery at 1 week of age. Her recovery was slow but steady, and our total stay in Houston was 10 weeks. While in the hospital, I was trained on how to care for Corah's medical needs so that I could care for her on my own after being released.

In late October we were released to return to Kansas, to 3 children who were dearly missed. We were able to spend the Holidays with our families, however were not able to take Corah out into public for 4 months, until the time her second surgery was scheduled. We really did not understand how well she was doing until we had a pre-surgical visit in January. Our surgeon and nurse were surprised that Corah had not been to the emergency room and was still only on 3 medications. It was encouraging to hear that from their experience she was doing extremely well.

On February 3, 2010, Corah had her second surgery, and everyone involved in her care breathed a sigh of relief. She is doing very well growing, eating, and developing physically & mentally. Free of any problems, she will have her third and final surgery between 3 and 4 years of age. She is our miracle from God.

Brandy Miller

Cooper and Corah

The Miller's receiving their $12,000 grant from Cooper's Cause