David's Story

David was born on June 6 of 2013. He was born full term and very healthy. At the beginning he was'nt eating very well and we still had to do an ultrasound on his heart because we needed to make sure everything was well from what they saw on the previous ultrasounds... at one day old they did an ultrasound on his heart and found out he had a heart defect right there they intubated him and flew him over to Vegas... he lasted two weeks on meds to open his vessel to pass blood to his left lung but it wasn't working very well so the doctors decided to do open heart surgery on him at 2 weeks old.... he was doing good but a week and a half after they noticed his vessel was closing again and we couldn't take him home so they did a catherization to put a stint on his heart so we could fly him.

He is doing fine and now he is 4 months old...but the cardiologist still says he needs 2 more surgeries to fix his heart completely... we're waiting to see when is his next one and also we're working with him to learn how to roll over grab things because he also was diagnosed with DiGeorge Syndrome...it's something really hard to deal with but we pray to god that he will turn out to be a very happy and smart...but most of all, a very strong kid.