Haley Elizabeth's Story

Meet Haley Elizabeth :) When Haley was born her brother, dad and I were so overjoyed with excitement, after nine months of waiting we finally had our little princess in our arms to kiss and to love. The excitement quickly turned to disbelief, heartache and confusion when we were told at 2 days old we were being referred to a cardiologist specialist. Her pediatrician was referring us because while listening to her heart he noticed a heart murmur. Once meeting with the cardiologist and after some testing was performed on Haley, we received the news no parents can prepare for. Although not caught during pregnancy or after delivery, Haley was born with a Congenital Heart Defect. Our beautiful baby girl who was all smiles since the day we had brought her home, had not only one but two holes in her heart. With every heartbeat Haley was fighting her CHD. She was born with an Atrial Septal Defect (ASD) and a very large Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) and the only way to repair her h eart and give Haley a chance to grow and thrive in life would require her to have open heart surgery in the near future.

That was the beginning of Haley's heart journey. Countless specialist and doctor visits were scheduled, numerous testing conducted, multiple requests for lab work were performed, three medications administered twice daily and every feeding and progress charted. As her mother I have not only had the responsibility of caring for a newborn but have also been her nurse, her caregiver, and her biggest voice. Its heartbreaking as a parent to watch your child go through everything Haley has battled knowing the worse is yet to come. She has been so strong and has not given up so as her parents we too have to be strong for her, we will fight for her and we will not give up, shes depending on us and she deserves the best that we can do for her.

Haley is scheduled for open heart surgery September 10th, 2014 just one day after she turns 4 months old and weighing just under 9 pounds. Although my family leave time has been exhausted I will continue to be her mother, nurse, caretaker and voice after surgery. I will be faced with the decision to return back to work and financially try to get back on track for my family or stay home and help my daughter fight for her life. Congenital heart defects have made an enormous impact on my young family both emotionally and financially. With the help of family and friends we have been able to help my daughter on this journey one day at a time and we will continue to be strong for her.

With love Heather, Christian, Warren and Haley.

Haley Elizabeth