Makenna Lynn's Story

On August 27, 2015 our daughter Makenna Lynn was born. She was born at 39w, a tiny little thing (5lb 1oz 18") but perfectly healthy, or so we thought. We had gotten 3 ultrasounds while I was pregnant due to her being small, but they ended up concluding everything was fine and she was just a small baby.. never spotting the large VSD.

At her 5 day check up her pediatrician noticed a murmur and referred us to a pediatric cardiologist. At her first echo it was discovered she had a large VSD (6mm). Her cardiologist was hopeful it would close on its own and sent us home to "take care of our baby" and come back in a month for another echo. As the months went on it was apparent the VSD was affecting her growth, she wasn't even on the growth chart and her pediatrician and cardiologist were becoming concerned. We started fortifying my breast milk, it started to help her growth a little, but not enough. So it was decided Makenna would have open heart surgery to repair her VSD.

On 1/28/16 (1 day after turning 5 months old) she went under the knife at Rainbow Babies & Children hospital. The surgery went quickly with no complications or surprises. We spent 1 night in the PICU and 2 nights in the step down unit before we were discharged. She's had no complications so far and after a week or so was back to her happy, goofy self. Her feeding increased tremendously, pre-surgery it was a struggle to get 18oz a day, now she's easily hitting 26-28oz a day. She's hitting the milestones every other baby her age is, she's still small, but I think she's just going to be a petite girl her whole life.

Her follow up echo & EKG looked great! We have one more follow up in March and then we should only have to see her cardiologist every few months.

As scary & difficult as it was for us to go through as parents we knew it was what she needed in order to grow & thrive, thank goodness for modern medicine and all the doctors and nurses who took such good care of her!

Jenn Jalsevac

Makenna Lynn