Porter's Story

My name is Tyler Boyles and my wife's name is Jenna. On July 6 2009 we gave birth to our second son Porter Lee Beckham Boyles he was 6 lbs 12ozs. We had an over night stay and everything seemed textbook. After a week or so of being home we noticed our little man wasn't eating well. We discussed it on his one week appointment with our family doctor and his tongue was clipped in hopes of improving his eating. Another week later and still not eating well we returned with him for a weight check. The doctor heard a slight murmur and assured us it was nothing to be alarmed about but scheduled a appointment for an echo to be done at OU Children's Hospital in Oklahoma City.

On July 29,2009 we went in for a "routine" echo. Two hours later we had 4 pediatric cardiologist's standing by our bed to give us the results. They told us that our son had a hypoplastic left ventricle with pulmonary atresia. They told us to prepare for open heart surgery within the next couple days. My wife and I held each other close and kissed our little man. We were admitted to the hospital and tons of tests were performed. He was placed on several meds and antibiotics. He was diagnosed with Heterotaxy Syndrome, asplenia, malrotated bowel and other vascular problems. Several of our friends and family placed him on many churches prayer lists and we prayed nightly for his healing.

July 31 a heart cath was done and we got our first bit of good news. Porter's body had compensated for not having a pulmonary artery had had several "branches" which are support his lungs and supplying his body. Monday, August 3rd they did an upper gi test and confirmed he had a mal rotated bowel. The decision was made to not operate unless an obstruction occurs. We took that as good news as well.

August 6 we got to take our little man home and support his new NG tube which we are supplementing him through. The docs are letting him grow as much as possible before our first open heart surgery which they plan to do between 3 to 6 months of age. We are new to this and can already feel the strain of the situation. We don't care what it costs, we will do whatever it takes to fix our little soldier. We have another son Parker Kade who is 3 1/2. We explained to Parker that Porter is like Humpty Dumpty (has all the pieces and were trying to put him back together again now) to ease with visiting his bubba in the hospital. The nickname has kinda stuck.

I'm a firefighter and my wife is a kindergarten teacher. Any info you could send us would be much appreciated and thanks for creating this site. Its nice to know other people have been in your shoes and walked that long road that we are facing.

Thank you and God Bless,
Tyler Boyles