Raelynn's Rock Stars

A little party, a little gift, one great big lift!

Raelynn's Rock Stars is a club for siblings in each family that Cooper's Cause Foundation benefits. This club recognizes that it's a big job to weather these ups and downs in your family, especially when you're little. We think it's important to recognize and honor the siblings of these heart patients.

With proceeds collected separately from Cooper’s Cause Foundation, every family helped by Cooper's Cause Foundation will experience a sibling celebration, tailored to the interests and ages of the children in their family. In this small way, Raelynn's strength will be legendary and every Rock Star that follows will know that other people out there understand and applaud them for enduring these challenges.

Raelynn's Rock Stars Piggy Banks (each February!)

Raelynn's Rock Stars have setup Piggy Banks around town to collect funds for Cooper's Cause Foundation.

Thank you to the following businesses for hosting our pigs in February of 2016:

  • Dunn Brothers Coffee
  • Hy-Vee Gas on 6th
  • J&S Coffee
  • LOL
  • Orange Leaf
  • TLoft

With proceeds collected in this piggy bank, the siblings in every family helped by Cooper's Cause Foundation will be recognized and honored for weathering the ups and downs of having a brother or sister with congenital heart defects.

Thank you to our 2019 sponsors:

  • Hy-Vee Gas on 6th Street
  • J&S Coffee
  • Orange Leaf
  • T. Loft
  • Auntie Em's Deli & Bakery
  • E Barn Farm Bakery & Market

We are looking forward to 2020!


Raelynn's Rock Stars

Piggy Banks